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Your lifetime financial results will be dominated by the decisions you make at a limited number of inflection points.

Our job is to help you make the right decisions, not to empower your emotions. We are more committed to your lifetime financial security than to your short-term psychological comfort.

At the end of the day, it is always your money and your decision, but we will not be silent if we believe you are about to make a mistake that may have permanent consequences.

Communication is key to everything we do. We always want to know what you are thinking, whether there are any changes in your life, and to share with you the reasons behind our strategies.

Wealth management involves far more than investments. In fact, our planning team spends most of its time helping clients develop strategies to:

*Please Note: Limitations. The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific requests and needs of the client. TGS Financial Advisors does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. TGS Financial Advisors does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.

  • Target & track progress toward walk-away wealth
  • Protect assets against litigation
  • Transfer wealth between generations
  • Optimize education savings and tuition payments
  • Design robust retirement income streams

We are available to work closely with our clients’ other professional advisors: attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and trust officers.

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The Mutual Interview

At our initial meeting, we explore whether there is a fit between your goals and our capabilities and decide if we will be comfortable working together.

The Asset Discovery Process

Using interviews, document review and networking with your other professionals, we build a complete picture of your financial life.

The Lifetime Wealth Plan

Our written plan clarifies your goals; identifies strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; and provides clear and detailed strategy to help you reach your goals.

The Implementation Process

We coordinate the consolidation of your investments, helping to simplify and clarify your finances. We work with your other advisors to put all the elements of your plan in place.

The Dynamic Contrarian Portfolio Strategy

We use our proprietary asset allocation model to manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis. Our dynamic strategy adjusts to changes in market conditions, seeking always to prudently balance risk and reward.

The Financial Planning Report

Each year, we provide a written review of your portfolio’s performance, your progress toward your goals and our specific suggestions for improving your financial situation. You then meet with your dedicated advisor to update your financial action plan for the next year.

The Reset

We re-evaluate your financial plan as needed and keep it in tune with your life.

The Wealth Transition Strategy

We help you keep your wealth intact over generations and aligned with your values and priorities.

The Lifetime Wealth Management Process™ provides the structure you need to have confidence in your progress toward your goals.

Building and protecting wealth requires complex planning. We are available to collaborate with your attorney and your accountant to help ensure that your tax and estate planning strategies are in line with your financial plan. Our reporting to you includes metrics and graphics that make the complex understandable.

“Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.” -Albert Einstein

A fee-only advisory firm: no commissions, sales quotas, or proprietary products.

As a fee-only advisory firm, all of our compensation comes from fully-disclosed planning and investment advisory fees. We do not take commissions on the sale of financial products—ever. Our interests are aligned with yours, and our success depends on your success. If your portfolio increases in value, so does our income. More important, if your portfolio declines in value, our income also declines.

Under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, we must adhere to a fiduciary standard in all our relationships with our clients. This requires us to put our clients’ interests before our own, to fully disclose any conflicts of interest, and to adhere to a “prudent expert” standard of care. We fully embrace the Fiduciary Oath.

Does your advisor adhere to a fiduciary standard?

Our Dynamic Contrarian Strategy

Our proprietary investment strategy has five basic elements:

1. Diversification

We systematically diversify across asset classes and our portfolios reflect distinct levels of risk tolerance.

2. Value tilt

We favor value over growth.

3. Contrarian Asset Allocation

We use historical price and yield data to determine the relative value of paired asset classes. When one asset class is overvalued, we flow funds to the undervalued asset class.

4. Focus on Costs

In many asset categories, we use index funds, ETFs or institutional-class shares to drive down costs.

5. Discretionary Management

To make sure our strategy is implemented consistently and on a timely basis, every TGS investment portfolio is managed on a discretionary basis.

Markets go to extremes, then return to balance. Such extremes create risks and opportunities. As contrarian investors, we flow money against the crowd and toward low prices and the highest potential returns. When investors panic and other advisors are selling, TGS will be buying.


*Please Also Note: Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. Therefore, it should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy (including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended and/or undertaken by TGS Financial Advisors) or any planning or consulting services, will be profitable, equal any historical performance level(s), or prove successful.

Why we are independent.

Our founders, Jim Hemphill and David Burd, both started work for large national stock brokerage firms in the 1970s. By the late 1980s, they’d had enough of the conflict between what they thought was best for their clients and the sales quotas and expectations of their wire house employers.

In 1990, Jim and David created TGS Financial Advisors, an independent advisory firm. In 1993, we began to change our compensation model from commissions to fees. In 1999, we started managing investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. In 2008, we surrendered the brokerage licenses we had held since 1978, and eliminated all commission-based compensation. Today we are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm.

We have no sales quotas. We sell no proprietary products. Nobody tells us what to do. Our complete focus is on making the best decisions we can for every one of our clients.

Who is your advisor really working for?

We believe in giving back to the community.

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