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TriageMD: Wealth Planning for Early-Career Physicians

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TriageMD™ is a flat-fee, three-year program exclusively for doctors in their first years of practice. The program’s goals are to put legal documents and protections in place, to support an intentional balance between current spending and long-term wealth accumulation, to put in place systems to drive savings and pay down debt, and provide robust metrics to measure progress. Our goals is to help place young physicians on a trajectory toward financial independence and a work-optional lifestyle.Visit Website

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Changing Outcomes: A Financial Turnaround Strategy for Peak-Career Physicians

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Many peak-career physicians in their late 40s and 50s become aware that they have under-accumulated the wealth they will need to be able to retire without compromising their lifestyle. The Outcomes Program is designed to guide successful physicians toward a financial turnaround in as little as five years.

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