Sean H. Moore


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Sean is responsible for managing the portfolio systems at TGS Financial Advisors, from account aggregation and performance reporting to general data hygiene (e.g., making sure the data brush their teeth before bed). If you have an account held away from TGS Financial Advisors, Sean has probably called you (on more than one occasion) about getting an access code.

Sean has a BA in political science from the University of South Alabama, an MA in industrial & organizational psychology from the University of Georgia, and is currently enrolled in the professional MBA program at the Terry College of Business at UGA. Prior to joining TGS in 2014, he worked on the successful mayoral campaign of Sandy Stimpson in Mobile, Alabama. After graduating, Sean was hired to work alongside Mr. Stimpson on daily matters ranging from attending city council meetings to having dinner with the Federalist and Libertarian social clubs (separate events, of course).

Sean currently resides in Atlanta with his wife, Missy, who is a professor at the University of Georgia. They have two sons, Lane and Elliot. Sean no longer has free time, but used to enjoy reading, writing, exercising, and watching the Crimson Tide dominate college football. 

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