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high achievers

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They include over 250 households, drawn from diverse professions, and from all stages of life, and living in 25 different states. Our clients’ own achievements and good habits drive their success. Our job is to support their efforts, providing the financial structures they need to obtain the financial outcomes they deserve.

Our founders still work with families that met early in their careers. Our clients are people we like and admire. The Opportunity to build relationships of trust and mutual respect that last for decades is one of the profound rewards of our professional careers.

We believe in long-term commitments.

TGS offers a broad range of wealth management services. How we serve you will depend on your situation, but for most clients we:

  • Develop saving, spending, and gifting strategies to meet your personal goals.
  • Help you to manage risk by reviewing your insurance coverage and recommending asset protection strategies.
  • Coordinate with your other professionals to make sure that your CPA, estate attorney, and insurance agents are working toward the same purpose.
  • Guide you through important life transitions, and help you with multi-generational wealth planning.
  • Manage investments with our DYCOPS™ strategy, with a focus on global diversification, undervalued assets, and cost control.

Our advisors began to work with their first physician clients in 1979.

We understand the unique challenges facing medical professionals and we design integrated plans for building both their personal wealth and the success of their practices.

Pay Yourself First: A Financial Guide for Doctors Entering Practice

Changing Outcomes: A Financial Turnaround Strategy for Peak-Career Physicians

The Part-Time Prescription: Can You Go Part-Time Before Retirement?

Retirement planning has been a core function of our advisory careers for decades.

We have helped hundreds of individuals and families accumulate walk-away wealth, successfully manage the financially and emotionally difficult transition from full-time work to full-time retirement, and sustain their chosen lifestyles during decades of active retirement.

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