Why hire an advisor?

To avoid making costly mistakes.

To effectively shelter wealth from excessive taxation.

To manage financial risks.

For the confidence to buy when others sell.

For the peace of mind that comes with having a plan.

To efficiently transfer your wealth to loved ones.

TGS Financial Advisors helps successful families build, maintain and preserve lifetime wealth.

Who We Serve

We believe in long-term commitments. Our founders still work with families that they met early in their careers, and in some cases TGS engages with three generations of the same family. Some of our most rewarding work lies in helping successful families to preserve wealth for their children and grandchildren. Learn more about who we serve, and how we can serve you.

What’s New (And What Isn’t) for 2016

In many respects, 2016 looks a lot like 2015. Federal tax brackets, Social Security paychecks, and retirement plan contribution limits are all linked to inflation. With no inflation to speak of, the figures for this year will remain practically unchanged. But there are a few significant changes to keep in mind. First, a couple of... Read more.

January 21, 2016 Market Update: Surviving the Storm

Here on the east coast of the U.S., we are expecting a major winter storm. The forecast calls for up to two feet of snow. Bread and milk are disappearing from store shelves. My wife reminds me that I promised to buy a generator, and did not.... Read more.

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