Why hire an advisor?

To avoid making costly mistakes.

To effectively shelter wealth from excessive taxation.

To manage financial risks.

For the confidence to buy when others sell.

For the peace of mind that comes with having a plan.

To efficiently transfer your wealth to loved ones.

TGS Financial Advisors helps successful families build, maintain and preserve lifetime wealth.

Who We Serve

We believe in long-term commitments. Our founders still work with families that they met early in their careers, and in some cases TGS engages with three generations of the same family. Some of our most rewarding work lies in helping successful families to preserve wealth for their children and grandchildren. Learn more about who we serve, and how we can serve you.

Two Ways Employer Matches Backfire

When an employer offers to match 401(k) contributions—for instance, by pitching in an additional 50% of the first 6% of salary an employee defers into the plan—some very nice things can happen. Individuals who might not otherwise have contributed may choose to save a few dollars in order to get the “free money” their employers... Read more.

Inside the Black Box: Beyond the Green Box

Pretty much all of our investment decision-making happens amid uncertainty. As rational investors, we seek to maximize our opportunities while minimizing our risks. More accurately, since these two goals are generally in tension, we seek to construct a portfolio with the right risk/reward ratio, given our goals, cash flow requirements, time horizon, and financial and... Read more.

6 Tips for Your Legacy

For most people, writing (or equally important, updating) a will tends to sit at the top of the “not now, thanks” list, along with dental appointments and colonoscopies. (Sorry, doctors.) A discussion about the things you will leave behind when you die will certainly carry an emotional charge. There isn’t much to be done about... Read more.

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